List of Italy Gold and Stocks trading

List of Italy Gold and Stocks trading

Large Chart : Italy MIB 40 Index component stock price charts

[FTSE MIB 40 Stocks]

A2A (MIL: A2A) Electricity
Amplifon (MIL: AMP) Health care, hearing aids
Atlantia (MIL: ATL) Industrial Transportation
Azimut (MIL: AZM) Financial Services
Banco BPM (MIL: BAMI) Financial Services, Banks
Banca Generali (MIL: BGN) Financial Services
BPER Banca (MIL: BPE) Financial Services, Banks
Brembo (MIL: BRE) Automobiles & Parts
Buzzi Unicem (MIL: BZU) Construction & Materials
CNH Industrial (MIL: CNHI) Industrial Goods & Services
Campari (MIL: CPR) Beverages
Diasorin (MIL: DIA) Healthcare
Enel (MIL: ENEL) Electricity
Eni (MIL: ENI) Oil & Gas Producers
Exor (MIL: EXO) Financial Services
FinecoBank (MIL: FBK) Financial Services, Banks
Generali (MIL: G) Nonlife Insurance
Italgas (MIL: IG) Utilities—Regulated Gas
Intesa Sanpaolo (MIL: ISP) Financial Services, Banks
Juventus Football (MIL: JUVE) Leisure Facilities & Services
Leonardo (MIL: LDO) Aerospace & Defense
Mediobanca (MIL: MB) Financial Services, Banks
Moncler (MIL: MONC) Personal Goods
Pirelli (MIL: PIRC) Automobiles & Parts
Prysmian (MIL: PRY) Electronic & Electrical Equipment
Poste italiane (MIL: PST) Nonlife Insurance
Ferrari (MIL: RACE) Automobiles & Parts
Recordati (MIL: REC) Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Salvatore Ferragamo (MIL: SFER) Personal Goods
Saipem (MIL: SPM) Oil Equipment Services & Distribution
Snam (MIL: SRG) Gas Water & Multiutilities
Stellantis (MIL: STLA) Automobiles & Parts
STMicroelectronics (MIL: STM) Technology Hardware & Equipment
Tenaris (MIL: TEN) Industrial Metals & Mining
Telecom Italia (MIL: TIT) Fixed Line Telecommunications
Terna (MIL: TRN) Electricity
UBI Banca (MIL: UBI) Financial Services, Banks
UniCredit (MIL: UCG) Financial Services, Banks
Unipol (MIL: UNI) Nonlife Insurance
UnipolSai (MIL: US) Nonlife Insurance

Italy Gold and FTSE MIB 40 Stocks Trading Strategy (Ideas)
FTSE MIB index mini-Futures (MINI) :
Underlying: FTSE MIB index.

Contract size: Future price x Multiplier.
Quotation: Index points.
Tick size (in index points): On-book trading: 5 and Orders to execute Negotiated Transactions: 1.
Multiplier (value of 1 index point): € 1.
Settlement: Cash settled.

Daily settlement price: Defined by Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia (CC&G) according to the quantity-weighted average of the last 5% of contracts traded before 17.38 CET.

Contract months: The 2 nearest quarterly months of the Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec cycle.

Expiry day: The third Friday of the expiry month at 9.05 CET. If the Exchange is closed that day, the contract expires on the first trading day preceding that day.

Last trading day: Expiry day, until 9.05 CET.

Settlement day: The first open CC&G calendar day following the expiry day.

Trading hours:
(1) Opening auction: 7.45 - 8.00 (8.00.00 - 8.00.59) CET
(2) Continuous trading: 8.00 - 22.00 CET.